House of Cards

I can’t sleep.

When you can’t sleep, there are various strategies you can take to battle this brutal opponent. I know a few. I put my iPod on. Turn the volume up. Turn the volume down. Turn it off. Do push-ups. Read. Write. Repeat if necessary.

Maybe you can relate to this feeling: impending doom. Like your entire life is a carefully balanced house of cards, ready to fall at any slight disturbance. Like everything you’ve pinned your hopes and dreams on since you were a child was all based on a lie. Like you need to get out of the situation you’re in, like, right now, because if you don’t, you’re screwed.

Shoot, I have to get up at 6 to go to work in the morning.

Reality sets in. It truly is alarming how little I actually control in my life. Sure, I can go to work every morning, I can do my job the best I can, I can find a spouse, start a family, buy a boat, all kinds of stuff. But at any moment, all that stuff could go away. Even my own life, the one I’ve built so carefully and precariously.

I don’t know what to do, so I pray. Sometimes I feel like my entire life is a battle between my heart and my head. My head wants to understand God. I want to understand why. Why do people get cancer? Why… well, just why.

But God is telling me to trust Him. And trust isn’t a matter of the head; it’s a matter of the heart. It doesn’t jibe with my rational, logical side. It’s this freaky thing called faith, and it’s the reason why I can’t sleep at 1:35 in the morning.

I read something. It’s from a hymn that a pastor named A.B. Simpson heard when he was really sick and ready to quit the ministry, and it completely changed his outlook on life:

Nothing is too hard for Jesus,

No man can work like Him.

Shoot. I don’t know much. I don’t know what I’m gonna have for lunch tomorrow, heck, I don’t know what I had for lunch two days ago. But I know God isn’t finished with me yet. He’s doing stuff, and I don’t understand it right now, but maybe one day I will. But right now He’s calling me to trust Him. He has a plan, and it’s a great plan. It’s a heckuva better plan than I could come up with, anyway.

I guess I’ll go put my iPod back on then.


Can Devin Setoguchi make the Toronto Maple Leafs?

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I think it’s safe to say Devin Setoguchi’s NHL career hasn’t exactly gone as planned. Read the rest of this entry

I Watched This Movie: Fargo

I watched this movie called Fargo last night/early this morning. I first heard about it when I was working at a camp in Maryland, USA a couple of summers ago, when, being the Token Canadian, one of my co-workers asked me if Canadians speak like the folks from the movie Fargo. I had no idea what this movie is or was, but apparently the people in it speak with funny accents. And do they ever.

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Welcome to the Golden Age of Canadian Basketball

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It’s a good time to be a basketball fan in Canada. Read the rest of this entry

COM0014 – Blog #2: Communication Styles

My latest blog/vlog for my Digital Communication class as part of the Social Media Certificate program at Algonquin College. What communication style works best for you?

You can find Bill Simmons’ latest column for reference here.

COM0014 – Blog #1: What I Did On My Vacation

This is my first blog post (which I did in vlog form) for my Digital Communication class as part of the Social Media Certificate program at Algonquin College. What did you do on your last vacation? What are some of your favourite memories? Would you do it again?

Mind The Line: NFL Divisional Round Picks

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster will be fired up to prove the doubters wrong this weekend against the New England Patriots. (Photo: Brett Davis, USA TODAY)

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster will be fired up to prove the doubters wrong this weekend against the New England Patriots. (Photo: Brett Davis, USA TODAY)

There’s a reason I shy away from the NFL pick business, and that reason is because I’m absolutely horrendous at, you know, actually picking the games right. Last season, I made picks for the divisional and conference championship games and came out with a measly 2-4 record against the spread by the end of it. There’s a reason these guys in Vegas have jobs making the betting lines for these games, and that reason is because they’re really good at it, and they know how to win money from schlubs like me. Read the rest of this entry

Still no love for undefeated Falcons

Matt Ryan has garnered praise as a potential MVP candidate and owns an impressive regular-season resume, but won’t be considered among the NFL’s elite until he leads his team to the Promised Land. (Photo: Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

I’m not sure if you know this, but the Atlanta Falcons currently have eight wins and zero losses on the season. Heading into the second half, the Falcons have a legitimate shot of becoming the first team since the 2007 New England Patriots and second team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins to finish the regular season undefeated.

So why is nobody talking about them? Read the rest of this entry

No matter who wins NHL labour war, fans lose

Gary Bettman said today that there remains a “wide gap” between the NHL owners and players over “fundamental economic issues”. (Photo: Chris Young/AP)

I picked up this year’s edition of The Hockey News NHL Yearbook a couple of days ago at a local corner store. It cost me ten bucks.

I don’t really know why I bought it, probably because I buy it every year. I enjoy analyzing team rosters and scrutinizing THN’s team predictions. But soon after opening up this year’s edition, I began mourning for those ten dollars I’ll never get back. Read the rest of this entry

Shanahan needs to make an example out of Torres

Raffi Torres needs to be suspended for the rest of the playoffs.

There is nothing commendable about the Phoenix Coyote’s hit that left Chicago Blackhawk Marian Hossa concussed and lying prone on a stretcher last night. Hossa did not have the puck. He was in a vulnerable position. Torres left his feet. He obviously targeted Hossa’s head. Read the rest of this entry